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Group Admission Fee

・General Groups (With 20 or more members)

Adult University and High School Student Junior High School and Elementary School Student Child
(3 and over)
¥1,850 ¥1,400 ¥900 ¥540

・School Groups
*Accompanying teachers are admitted free of charge.
(Some restrictions)

Adult/High School Student Junior High School Student Elementary School Student Preschooler
(Admission fee required from age 0)
¥1,200 ¥720 ¥500 ¥360

*Applies to admission for school activities


・What are the eligibility requirements for the general group admission fee?
The group admission fee will apply only when a lump-sum payment is received for groups of 20 persons or more.

・When the school group admission fee applies, are accompanying teachers admitted for free?
Yes. Accompanying teachers will be admitted for free. However, some restrictions apply to the number of university and vocational school teachers eligible for free admission.

・Can the aquarium be previewed?
Previews are possible only when group reservations are booked in advance.
* The number of people eligible for free admission for the preview will depend on the number of people for which the group reservation is booked in advance.

・What are the conditions for granting a preview?
Previews for general groups are granted only when reservations for groups of 20 persons or more have been booked in advance.

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