KYOTO AQUARIUM kindly makes the following requests to ensure that all visitors can use the facility more enjoyably and with greater peace of mind.

Re-entry is allowed only on the same day.
Visitors seeking re-entry will receive a re-entry stamp on the back of the hand from a staff member at the exit.

  • *Entry is not permitted with presentation of a ticket stub.

・Student Admission Fees
Junior high school and high school students are requested to show their student identification at the ticket counter.

  • *You may be charged the adult admission fee if you fail to present student identification.

・Annual Passport
Annual Passports are valid only for the persons to which they are issued. No refunds, name changes, transfers, or loans are permitted.

  • * Visitors who forget to bring their Annual Passports will be charged the general admission fee for entry.

・Cameras and Video Cameras
Cameras and video cameras may be used inside the facility. However, please refrain from using flashes inside the aquarium out of consideration for the animals.

Smoking inside the aquarium is prohibited.

・Bringing Items Inside the Aquarium
Please refrain from carrying kickboards as well as bulky (or lengthy) baggage such as travel luggage while viewing the aquarium’s exhibits. Other visitors may be inconvenienced.

  • * Staff members may approach visitors if they deem an item to be an unsuitable carry item.
  • *Food may be brought into the aquarium. However, use the benches in the Dolphin Stadium or the Conservation Zone. Please refrain from eating or drinking in other exhibition zones.

・Pets and Other Animals
Pets and other animals may not be brought inside the aquarium.

  • * However, guide dogs and other service dogs are permitted.

・Prohibited Actions
The aquarium may bar entry to visitors who may cause a nuisance to neighboring residents and other visitors.

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