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the Countryside of Kyoto


A spacious outdoor area blending seamlessly with the surrounding park

On entering this zone, visitors will see the scenic Umekoji Park spread out before their eyes. Visitors strolling by the rice terraces are filled with a sense of openness and liberation, because the rice terraces are skillfully landscaped to incorporate Shakkei, or “borrowed scenery,” from the surrounding park’s greenery. Small birds and insects sometimes stop by the area. The zone’s tranquility and serenity might make visitors forget that they are actually in central Kyoto.


An abundance of creativity to help aquatic life enter the rice fields

Rice farming by people attracts aquatic life to rice fields. Visitors can witness first-hand the seasonal changes in this aquatic life. The rice fields fill with water as the amount of water flowing in irrigation canals increases. Fish enter the rice fields through the irrigation canals and lay eggs. Take a moment to appreciate such interconnections between people and aquatic life.

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