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Dolphin Studium

Attraction Point 1

Bottlenose dolphins are bonded by an extremely strong sense of camaraderie!

Each dolphin has a unique personality. However, all dolphins share the common characteristic of having a strong sense of camaraderie. At KYOTO AQUARIUM, visitors can enjoy watching dolphins playfully swimming together in the pool.

Attraction Point 2

Dolphins asleep on the bottom of the pool

People experience REM and non-REM sleep cycles, with both left and right cerebral hemispheres asleep at the same time. In contrast, dolphins sleep by resting one cerebral hemisphere at a time, alternating between the right and left hemispheres. In the open ocean, dolphins often swim in a semi-conscious state of sleep. At the KYOTO AQUARIUM, dolphins sometimes sleep at the bottom of the pool. We invite you to take a look!

Attraction Point 3

Do dolphins have smooth skin because of good skin metabolism?

Dolphins have smooth skin in order to reduce friction with the water. To illustrate, human skin renews itself completely every 28 days as old skin cells are replaced with new ones. The old skin cells fall off the skin. However, dolphin skin renews itself every two hours.

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