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The gently drifting and mysterious world of the jellyfish

Attraction Point 1

Moon jellyfish in the large pool

At 4.5-meters wide and 2-meters-tall, and holding about 6.5-tons of artificially created seawater used to make an inland aquarium, this is a large tank in which the gently drifting forms of the moon jellyfish living in it are breathtakingly beautiful.

Attraction Point 2

The various shapes and colors of jellyfish

This exhibit normally displays about 8 to 10 types of jellyfish that are mainly found in the Sea of Kyoto. From the Japanese sea nettle with its characteristically vivid colors and long tentacles to the glittering Mikado jellyfish, you may find watching the variety of jellyfish that change from season to season makes you forget time altogether.

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