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Attraction Point 1

Not all penguins live in Antarctica

When thinking of penguins, you might assume that penguins live in cold places like Antarctica. Surprising as this may sound, many penguins live in warm climates. Cape penguins, the penguins at KYOTO AQUARIUM, are native to southern Africa and are distinguished by pink glands at the base of their beaks. These glands are used to regulate the penguin’s body temperature. They show how Cape penguins have adapted to warm climates.

Attraction Point 2

Designing a smaller land space to allow the penguins to use wave energy to come onshore

The land portion of the penguin exhibit has been deliberately designed to be small, in order to make it more difficult for penguins to come onshore. This step is actually intended to facilitate the development of penguins given their characteristics, rather than simply making life harder for them. Because of the smaller space, penguins learn to leap onshore using wave energy. Don’t miss the penguins as they work hard to come onshore!

Attraction Point 3

Supporting the mating of penguins by installing sandboxes

KYOTO AQUARIUM has installed sandboxes for penguins. These sandboxes actually play an important role in promoting mating behavior. It is the male penguin’s job to build a nest. Male penguins win female penguins over by building attractive nests. In order to give their mates a larger nest, the male Cape penguins build nests by gathering branches from various places, and digging holes in the sand.

Attraction Point 4

Observe penguins from the bottom of their feet at the Penguin Skywalk

The Penguin Skywalk is about 5 meters above ground and allows penguins to walk freely along it as it stretches for about 50 meters from Penguin Zone, the area where the penguins live, to the Dolphin Studium. Part of the Penguin Skywalk is constructed of reinforced glass, making it a popular spot for people to watch from below and observe the bottom of the penguins’ feet as they waddle along. (* Not always visible depending on factors such as the season or the penguins’ condition)

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