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the Beauty of Nature

Attraction Point 1

Theme-based introduction to Kyoto’s diverse natural environment

The freshwater organisms of Kyoto, a city blessed with abundant water resources, can be broadly divided into two categories: Yura River system and Lake Biwa-Yodo River system organisms. As an area blessed with water resources, Kyoto is home to a truly diverse array of aquatic life. This zone displays aquatic life native to Mizorogaike Pond and the former Oguraike Pond, aquatic life closely tied to Biwa Lake, and species unique to Kyoto, such as Aucha perch, fourspine sculpin, ajime loach and the yellow pond turtle.

Attraction Point 2

Introducing the history of Kyoto, a city with abundant water resources

This exhibit shows how Kyoto’s rare species have lived in the area and the reasons why they are threatened with extinction. Also on display is an introduction to Kyoto’s history and culture as it relates to rare species of life. The exhibit communicates the abundant attractions of Kyoto.

Attraction Point 3

KYOTO AQUARIUM supports programs to conserve rare species

In recent years, certain species known as rare species have become difficult to find in Kyoto. The reason is environmental destruction caused by human activity, which continues to threaten the lives of these rare species. In response, KYOTO AQUARIUM has set up learning areas to increase awareness of this reality among a larger number of people. The zone will introduce various conservation programs to visitors as a key source of information about environmental conservation in Kyoto.

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