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The Sea of Kyoto is an authentic recreation of the abundant sea packed with various types of marine life

Attraction Point 1

The large pool where the aquatic life from the Sea of Kyoto swim leisurely

Fish swimming leisurely in the huge pool filled with about 500 tons of artificial seawater are one element in the recreation of the Sea of Kyoto, brimming with a variety of types of aquatic life that make a spectacular view. Schools of Japanese pilchards with their extraordinary sense of survival are called kintaro iwashi in the Sea of Kyoto (Sea of Japan), and those caught in the Aso Sea inland sea partitioned by the Amanohashidate sandbar are famous when used for food.

Attraction Point 2

Exhibit of the tilefish closely tied to Kyoto’s culinary culture

Tilefish are referred to as guji and regarded as a delicacy in Kyoto cuisine, with which the fish has close ties. You can closely observe the form of swimming red tilefish with their beautiful and vivid pink-colored bodies, and how they form a boundary and live inside it.

Attraction Point 3

An array of symbols of the richness of the Sea of Kyoto

Seasonal exhibits give a feel of the various shapes and forms of the rich aquatic life in the Sea of Kyoto from the sharp-toothed eel, known as a traditional Kyoto summer symbol, to the Giant Pacific octopus caught from winter through to spring.

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