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the River of Kyoto
The Kyoto River Zone consists of two pools based on the motif of two rivers: Kyoto’s Kamo River and the Yura River. This zone features one of Japan’s largest Japanese giant salamander exhibits.
Visitors can watch the acrobatic motions of fur seals in the water, or observe them as they bask on the rocks or terrace surrounding the horseshoe-shaped pool. You’re so close it feels as though you can hear the animals breathing.
The friendly faces of the earless seals floating up from the tubular pool are a must-see! If you keep a close eye on this pool, you might even make eye contact with an earless seal!
Penguins behave much differently on land and in water. On land, they may stand solemnly at attention on a rocky landscape, staring at a singular point. Once they dive into the water, however, they swim dynamically as if they were flying, with the greatest of ease.
the Sea of Kyoto
This exhibit is an authentic recreation of the Sea of Kyoto filled with various types of marine life. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the fish swimming leisurely, including the tilefish and sharp-toothed eel that are closely tied to Kyoto’s culinary culture.
the Fish of Coral Reef
In this pool recreating a spectacularly colorful coral reef you can see such marine life as the popular spotted garden eel and clownfish.
the Jellyfish
You may find the gentle drifting of the jellyfish has a somewhat therapeutic effect while you watch this mysterious world. This exhibit displays the jellyfish that inhabit the seas near Kyoto, including the moon jellyfish.
the Crustaceans
You can observe a variety of shapes and ecosystems for shrimps and crabs, including overpowering spider crabs, the world’s largest crabs, and lobsters hiding in rock crevices.
Event Hall
Event Hall is a multi-purpose space that changes its look depending on the event it is hosting, such as an exhibition or a workshop. A wide variety of exhibits and experiential programs can be enjoyed in the open space.
Dolphin Studium
Bottlenose dolphins are known to have a strong sense of camaraderie. Come see these friendly dolphins at play with one another. Their highly agile and dynamic movements in the water are thrilling to watch!
the Beauty of Nature
This educational exhibit is designed to foster conservation of Kyoto’s natural environment and rare species of life. The exhibit offers a clear presentation of the current situation facing Kyoto’s native species based on different themes.
the Countryside of Kyoto
Kyoto’s traditional countryside setting of rice terraces and irrigation canals has been recreated in a spacious area that blends seamlessly into the surrounding park. Visitors can develop a better appreciation of the interconnection of life by watching catfish, carp, and other aquatic life interact with the environment.
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